Take a look at our frequently asked questions below:


Were Do We Meet:

For our Main Monthly Club Meet we normally meet at the pound in Lacock, nr Chippenham, but location can some time's change,
We also have a Midweek Evening Meet every other Wednesday nr' Devizes.
Full details can be found on the home page and events page.

A bit about the club

We are a grassroots, family-friendly, traditional VW club.  We like to welcome anyone to the club and we all like to have a laugh.  Usually at someone elses expense (ie, the "boss man"). Please bear in mind this is just banter and we do not mean to offend anyone - but please tell us if anyone should over-step the mark. 
The Club admin team will address any concerns on your behalf and there are lots of club members who are always willing to help. Whether you have a question about your vehicle or the club, please come by and ask us.   

When Do We Meet:

Our main Club Meet on the first Sunday of each month.
We also Have a Midweek Evening Meet '' Coffee, Cake, Chill & Chat '' every other Wednesday

How Do I Join:

Just come along to a meet or event and say Hi or find us on FaceBook.

 What VW's are allowed?

Our club allows any VW from the earliest to the latest models.  If you are into your VW's, no matter what type it is, you will be welcome along.

Is There A Member-Ship Fee:

There is no fee to join but we do offer a club card for a yearly donation to help cover club running costs but this is voluntery.

Can I Join If I Don't Live In Wiltshire:

Yes - You don't have to live in Wiltshire to join the club, all we ask any new member is you take a active part and support the club and turn up to things as often as they can.

What Do We Do:

We have regular Club Meets, Weekend Camping & Day Trips To Show's & Event's,  Club Camp Out's. There are loads of member was you to need advise or help, We have discounts with related company's for card holder.

We are a family club not a party club.

Are dogs allowed in the club as well?

Dogs are welcome to our club meets but must be kept under control, on leads at all times and always clean up after them.  Usual rules apply.  However, some events may have different rules so please check all individual dates for any other information.

Are we allowed to drink alcohol?

We are a family-friendly club with members of all ages.  We ask that members drink responsibly.  At all events please be sensible and appreciate that we all want to enjoy the day/weekend.

Anti-social behaviour

We do not tolerate anti-social behaviour in any form - physical, verbal or online.  If you have any worries or concerns about another person, please contact a member of the club admin team in confidence to address the situation formally.